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Broken keys! It happens to most of us – you insert your key into the lock, turn it, and it snaps off without warning. When your key broke in lock, it can cause a huge security risk, allowing anyone into your home, car or business premises without your permission. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you are never turning the key too hard, forcing it into the lock and checking for cracks in the metal on a regular interval. If in the event you do end up with the key broke in lock, give us a call immediately at 410-487-9521

How do we work?Safe Key Store Baltimore, MD 410-487-9521

Some of the tools and techniques that we use whenever you contact us for broken key extraction service: 

Use of spray lubes: Spray lubes works wonders as far as broken key extraction is concerned. Our technicians are provided with high quality lubes that will make the process simpler and efficient. The primary benefit of using spray lubes is that it is non-intrusive hence little chances of causing any destruction to the locks. 

Other tools: Being a professional company, we are fully stocked with advanced tools and equipment. We use these tools as an alternate solution to extract the key broke in lock. 

Key trouble? Call in the experts

If half of the key is sticking out of the lock, most people try to extract the key by themselves by grabbing hold of it with a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers. Most times, they end up destroying the lock that lets you to replace the entire lock. Instead of trying yourself, it is less expensive to hire our locksmiths. 

Why choose Safe Key Store?

If your key broke in lock, contact our professional experts who can carry out a non-destructive procedure to extract your keys. At Safe Key Store, we are lucky to have some of the most skilled locksmiths in the entire regions of Baltimore, MD hence our proficiency will never be in doubt. Also, our staff can craft a new set of keys on the spot with high-quality materials that eliminate the possibility of key breakage in the future. The next time you encounter a key problem, request our 24/7 locksmith service, we will solve the problem quickly at competitive prices!

Did your key break in lock? Don’t hesitate to dial our 410-487-9521 today!